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Space Junk: Saturn-Like Ring May Form Around Earth

Scientists warn Space Junk: Space debris can cause a big problem for space missions. This poses a serious threat to the safety of astronauts and hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth.


The risk of collision with spacecraft and satellites will increase. Big crisis for space mission. Trending Photos alt photo icon5 Entertainment News The TV industry was shaken after seeing the leaked photos of Vikas Gupta and Parth Samthaan alt photo icon8 Munmun Dutta ‘Her hand was in my pants’, Babita ji told the story of the dreadful incident that happened to her alt photo icon5 LPG cylinder will cost Rs 300 cheaper, link Aadhar card with subsidized bank account alt photo icon5 7th Pay Commission 7th Pay Commission: From 1st July, rain of happiness on central employees! Increased salary will start coming in the account Space Junk: Saturn-like ring may form around Earth, scientists warn Washington: The increasing waste of satellites in space has increased the concern of scientists.


Scientists have warned that space debris could form a Saturn-like ring around the Earth. Saturn-like ring around the earth Researchers from the University of Utah in the US have said that space is so full of junk that we will have to make a Saturn-like ring around the Earth using magnet technology. danger of colliding with satellites If a Saturn-like ring is not made around the Earth, then due to the ever-increasing debris in space, the risk of colliding with other spacecraft and satellites will increase. Some of these pieces can hit a satellite at a speed faster than a bullet. According to researchers, there are more than 17 million pieces of debris floating in space. These include natural meteorites, broken pieces of artificial objects and inactive satellites.

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