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Spirit of Innovation All – Electric Aircraft

Spirit of Innovation All- Electric Aircraft: World’s fastest flying electric plane, eyes will be open knowing the speed London: Rolls-Royce, the world’s giant company, has prepared the fastest electric plane. This electric plane can fly at a speed of 623 kmph. ‘Spirit of Innovation’ The name of the aircraft is ‘Spirit of Innovation’ and this completely electric plane of Rolls-Royce has broken the speed record of 212 kmph. In the latest test, this aircraft completed the distance of about 3 km in just 11 minutes.


Apart from this, the aircraft achieved an altitude of 3 thousand meters within 202 seconds, which is 60 seconds less than the earlier record. The electric plane completed this test flight on 16 November at the testing site of the British Army. During the flight, the aircraft achieved a speed of 623 kmph. The battery can charge 7,500 smartphones. This new Rolls Royce has a power train of 400kW and a battery with 6,480 cells.


This battery is so big that 7,500 smartphones can be easily charged. Special safety measures have been taken to ensure that the plane’s battery does not get hot. 30 minutes flight on a single charge According to the company, this aircraft can easily fly for 30 minutes on a single charge. Right now a technology is being worked on which can travel 160 km on a single charge.

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