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Why Facebook is unable to manage User’s Personal Data

Engineers in charge of the advertising system indicate in a document that they have no idea where the user data is, once it has been collected by the social network. It’s a new leaked document that won’t improve Facebook’s bad reputation when it comes to the security of its users’ personal data. A system too

Facebook Reels Launches Worldwide

Facebook Reels Launches Worldwide Facebook Reels already existed in some countries but now it reaches the whole world. It Offers creators new ways to monetize and popularize their content Starting today, Facebook Reels are now available for iOS and Android apps globally with more editing tools and new ways to help content creators monetize their

 For the First Time in 17 years Facebook Total User Base Dropped

According to the Quarterly Report Released by Meta, Facebook lost half a million (about 5 million) Global Daily Users in the Fourth Quarter of 2021 on a Quarterly Basis. Facebook was started in 2004. This is the first time since 2004 that there has been a decline in its Daily Active Users (DAU). The company’s

Facebook Antitrust Case: FTC can drag Meta to Court

Facebook may have become meta now, but its problem is not taking its name to end. Meta has long been accused of antitrust. There are allegations against him that he is not giving other small companies a chance to survive. She does not allow her competition to grow. If Facebook sees that someone is competing