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Tips to Create a Mini-Vegetable Garden at Home

Take advantage of the confinement period to transform your balcony, your terrace or even your kitchen into an organic vegetable garden! If you have a balcony, a terrace or a sufficiently large and well-lit room, you can create a mini-vegetable garden at home. You may not have the same harvests as in an open-ground vegetable

Vegetable Garden: Tips for Creating a Successful One!

Vegetable garden for the balcony  or small garden or on the terrace  is essential for healthy eating and regardless of the outdoor space available. When to start your vegetable garden? What vegetables should be favored for such a crop? How to maintain it? We tell you everything about the vegetable garden at home. Many people

How to make a Zen Garden at Home

Zen decoration has gained a great boom due to the sensation of calm and harmony that it transmits. And it is that we all want to live in a comfortable and pleasant home in which we feel comfortable and stress-free. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area, you can create a relaxing

 Beginner Gardening Tips

Gardening is not an exact science, as even the most seasoned gardeners often make mistakes, so novices shouldn’t be intimidated.  Follow these beginner gardening tips. Know your region It may sound a bit obvious, but not all plants grow everywhere, so what you plant will depend on where you live. Take a look at the