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Instagram announces DND mode and New Content filters

Instagram has announced some features designed to give users more control over its app. Most notable is a silent mode, which is similar to your smartphone’s “Do Not Disturb” setting. When active, Instagram will not send notifications and the profile will display a warning that the user is “in silent mode”. Anyone trying to send

Instagram Tips: How to Delete or Archive Multiple Instagram Posts at Once

Instagram Post Archive: Instagram has introduced new features to help users easily delete posts, comments and other platform activity. The features have been introduced as part of the Safer Day Initiative. You can access these features in the ‘Your Activity’ section. Instagram users can now bulk delete or archive content such as posts, stories, IGTV

9 Strategies to Gain Views on Instagram Reels

With Instagram Reels arrival, Instagram changed the algorithm and is now giving more visibility to accounts that use these short videos with original and fun content. Therefore, if you want to stand out from your competitors , you have to include this format in your content strategy. One of the benefits of Instagram eels is