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April 11, 2024

A Glance into the Perspective of NHL Teams in 2024

The National Hockey League (NHL) 2024 comes at a time when the teams in North America are trying to make their way through a very challenging period in their quest to win the coveted prize. Each team is making moves influenced by several factors including emerging talents, evolving strategies, and persistent challenges. In the competition,

April 5, 2024

Microsoft Warns of China’s AI-Driven Election Interference Campaign

Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Team has issued a cautionary alert regarding China’s increasing deployment of AI to disrupt elections worldwide. Allegedly, several Chinese state-sponsored cybercriminal hackers are gearing up to exploit AI tactics to interfere with the 2024 electoral processes in the US, India, and South Korea. According to Microsoft, North Korea is also implicated in

December 22, 2023

Google and Apple Collaborate on Universal Bluetooth Tracker Standards

With the introduction of Apple’s AirTag, the world witnessed a surge in the use of Bluetooth trackers. While these devices were primarily designed for assistance, concerns arose due to their misuse, often serving as covert tracking tools placed without consent in personal belongings. Responding to these concerns, tech titans Google and Apple have collaboratively worked

December 21, 2023

Warner Bros. Discovery Explores Partnership Possibilities with Paramount 

The dynamics of the streaming world remain in flux, and further pivotal shifts appear on the horizon. Axios reports indicate that Warner Bros Discovery is contemplating a potential collaboration with industry behemoth Paramount. Warner Bros Discovery is keen on broadening its digital footprint. A significant rendezvous recently occurred between David Zaslav, Warner Bros Discovery’s CEO,

November 1, 2023

Nations Unite at Bletchley Park to Establish Historic Agreement on AI Safety

In a groundbreaking moment, leading AI nations, including the United States, China, and the European Union, have come together under the UK’s leadership to forge a historic agreement at Bletchley Park on November 1, 2023. This unprecedented accord, known as the Bletchley Declaration on AI safety, signifies a shared recognition of the opportunities and perils

October 23, 2023

Transparency Evaluation Reveals Low Scores for Leading AI Models from OpenAI, Meta, and Google

A new assessment reveals alarmingly low scores for OpenAI, Meta, and Google on Stanford’s recent AI transparency evaluation. This evaluation, conducted in collaboration with MIT and Princeton, introduces the Foundational Model Transparency Index (FMTI) to shed light on the inner workings of AI models, urging companies to enhance transparency in their AI systems. The FMTI

June 30, 2023

Google joins Facebook in blocking links to Canadian media sites

Google has announced that it will remove links to social networks in Canada. That’s because of a law recently passed in that country that obliges web giants to pay to associate local media content. Google’s decision marks a failure in negotiations with the federal government and thus joins Meta, which recently announced that Facebook, and

May 30, 2023

Microsoft reveals the June games on Game Pass

Microsoft has revealed the first games that will be added to the Game Pass catalog during the next month of June 2023. In total there are 10 games to arrive in this first half of the month. There are two games that entered Game Pass today, and I’m talking about Chicory: A Colorful Tale, which

May 15, 2023

Atari Completes Acquisition of Nightdive Studios and All Its Games

Last March we revealed here that Atari had announced the acquisition of Nightdive Studios, for an amount of around 23 million. Today’s news is that this deal has already passed all the legal procedures, and has now been concluded. In detail, the purchase price for Nightdive Studios consists of an initial consideration of $9.5 million

April 7, 2023

TikTok Fined £12.7m by UK Data Watchdog for Child Privacy Violations

TikTok fined £12.7m by the UK for failing to protect the privacy of children. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) estimated that TikTok allowed up to 1.4 million UK children aged under 13 to use the platform in 2020 without parental consent. The ICO said that children’s data may have been used to track and profile

March 18, 2023

Traffic Control for Autonomous Vehicles: North Carolina State University Proposes Fourth Traffic Light Color

In a future where autonomous vehicles dominate the roads, researchers from North Carolina State University have proposed the installation of a white traffic light as a fourth color to signal to drivers that self-driving cars are managing upcoming intersections intelligently. This innovation could reduce traffic congestion levels and overall fuel consumption. The white light would

March 2, 2023

US Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Sets New Record with 300,000 Subscribers

Kai Cenat, a 21-year-old US streamer, has broken the record for the most Twitch subscribers, amassing 300,000 subscribers on the Amazon-owned streaming service. Cenat launched his “subathon” on February 1st, which involved streaming 24 hours a day for a month while chatting, gaming, interviewing guests, and even sleeping on camera. The event officially surpassed former

February 9, 2023

Turkish President Erdogan Admits Shortcomings in Response to Deadly Earthquake

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicly admitted to shortcomings in the government’s response to the earthquake that struck the country earlier this week, killing more than 16,000 people. As rescue teams continue to search for survivors in the freezing conditions, questions are being raised about the country’s preparedness. According to the World Health Organization,

Train Derailment and Fire in East Palestine – Cause Revealed

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a press conference on Sunday to share their findings on the cause of the train derailment and fire in East Palestine. According to NTSB member Michael Graham, two videos have been obtained that show preliminary indications of mechanical issues on one of the railcar axles.  In this case,

February 6, 2023

Catastrophic Earthquake leaves trail of destruction in Turkey and Syria

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region near Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023, leaving behind a trail of destruction and devastation. The earthquake was one of the strongest in the region in a century, affecting residents in Lebanon and Israel, as well as the affected areas. In Turkey, over 1,651 people have died

January 25, 2023

From 3D Screens To Flying Boats: CES 2023 Favorites

From boats that fly, to folding screens (that also slide), to satellites you control and laptops that break your brain a little bit … the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show was a bone-crushing assault on MrMobile’s body and mind. Join him for a round-up of what mobile tech stood out this year in Las Vegas! MrMobile’s

December 14, 2022

iOS 15.7.2 released but only for iPhones that don’t support iOS 16

A day ago, Apple released iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and many other new versions of their operating systems for their devices. However, as part of this flurry of updates, Apple has also published new updates for iOS 15, and for iPadOS 15, which arrives with version 15.7.2. These updates bring most of the security patches

November 28, 2022

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of “www” tells to ignore “Web 3”

The creator of the internet Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist, isn’t convinced that crypto visionaries are the future of the internet and says we should ignore it. Instead Berners-Lee has his own web decentralization project called Solid. It’s important to clarify this in order to discuss the impact of new technologies, said Berners-Lee, speaking

October 28, 2022

Apple Releases iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1

Apple just started the process of releasing the new iOS 15.7.1, and iPadOS 15.7.1, which are operating system updates designed for older iPhones and iPads unable to run iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. As always, updates are also available for those who have chosen not to update their iPhone to iOS 16‌, and who wish

October 27, 2022

UK’s New Prime Minister is richer than the King

Following the resignation of Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is Rishi Sunak. Former finance minister, millionaire, Sunak stands out for having a fortune twice that of King Charles III himself. Sunak’s fortune is around £730 million, which is equivalent to something around R$4.4 billion. To give you an idea, the

March 29, 2022

Effect of Ban on Russia! Many Research Projects gets stalled

Effect of ban on Russia! Many research projects stalled, scientists of the world are in trouble without Russian Technology Many countries, including the US, Britain and France, have imposed sanctions against Russia for the attack on Ukraine. In such a situation, concern is being seen in the science world about the boycott of Russia. Russian

March 17, 2022

Elon Musk changes his display name on Twitter from Elon to Elona

  Tesla and SpaceX company owner Elon Musk has changed his name to ‘Elona’ on Twitter. In fact, in the midst of the ongoing war in Russia-Ukraine, Elon Musk on Monday tweeted Russian President Vladimir Putin and challenged him to a one-on-one fight. The Director General of Russia’s Space Program had reacted sharply to this.