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February 23, 2024

Google and Reddit Forge Data Partnership

Google has revealed a fresh collaboration with Reddit, focusing on the utilization of data from the online platform and artificial intelligence. Through the Data API, the search engine gains the capability to efficiently access structured data, providing the latest information and enhancing signals for a more profound comprehension of Reddit’s content, including public posts and

June 30, 2023

Reddit Threatens Removal of Moderators as API Protests Escalate

In response to ongoing protests against changes to the Reddit API, the company has intensified its efforts to address the challenges it faces. Reddit has now begun informing moderators of private subreddits that they will be removed if their communities do not reopen by the end of the week. Several moderators claim to have received

June 19, 2023

Reddit shuts down largest Nintendo Switch game hacking Community

The current state of Reddit is marked by a tumultuous period, particularly due to widespread user protests, as discussed in a previous article. Amidst the backlash against the new pricing policy by prominent subreddits, another community finds itself in mourning today. After a three-year existence, r/NewYuzuPiracy has officially closed its doors. The subreddit now displays