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Japanese billionaire builds ‘Emotional’ Robots that can heal your heart

Japanese billionaire and fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa made headlines two years ago by launching a worldwide search for a life partner to go to the moon. They made a new announcement midway through that plan. Majawa has invested in a start-up that makes robots that understand human emotions and relieve loneliness. The eccentric billionaire, who 

This Robotic Eyeball will act as Third Eye

The scientist has created such a device that works like the third eye of a human. Known as the third eye, this device is very useful for those people who keep their eyes on the mobile screen even while walking on the way. Man’s third eye! Let us tell you that the name of the

Ameca: The Humanoid Robot

The world’s largest consumer electronics show (CES 2022) got a glimpse of many unique gadgets. A human robot was also involved in this. Its name is Ameca. It is also being called the future face of the robot. It has been given a face like a woman. The special thing about this robot is that

Amazing Robot that Can Read Human Mind Up To 96 Percent Accurately

China seems to have taken a giant leap in robotics as a group of scientists claimed to have built a robot that can read human minds with 96 percent accuracy. Robot reads brain waves correctly As reported by   website WION, the developers of the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Center of China Three Gorges University