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MicroRobots to treat Brain Diseases

Now robots will be sent to the brain: the size is so small that it will reach the body through injection, treat mental diseases Sending robots into human brains to cure mental illnesses sounds like the story of a science fiction movie, but Bionaut Labs, based in California, USA, is working to make it a

Brazilian Scientists create a Unique Smartwatch made for Plants

Human beings sow the plants, but often forget to water them at the right time. Scientists have now found a solution to this problem. Researchers at the Brazilian National Laboratory of Nanotechnology have created a smartwatch that will be worn by plants, not humans. With its help, plants will be able to tell us when

Invisible Armor will help you become Invisible

British tech company Invisible Shield has created a shield with the help of which you can become invisible. When standing behind this armor, your whole body disappears and only the background of that place is visible. What is the science of invisible armor? The invisible shield is actually a shield made of plastic. This plastic

Japanese billionaire builds ‘Emotional’ Robots that can heal your heart

Japanese billionaire and fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa made headlines two years ago by launching a worldwide search for a life partner to go to the moon. They made a new announcement midway through that plan. Majawa has invested in a start-up that makes robots that understand human emotions and relieve loneliness. The eccentric billionaire, who 

Google acquires Raxium, MicroLED expert for Future AR Headsets

Google has finalized the acquisition of Raxium, a start-up specializing in the design of tiny LEDs dedicated to MicroLED technology. Like its competitors, Google relies on MicroLED display technology. This is what we learn from the media   (via ArsTechnica), which reports that the Mountain View giant has reached an agreement to buy Raxium. In business

Ukraine using AI to identify Enemies during the War

Ukraine took the help of AI : Enemies being identified by US search engine ; Photos of 20 million Russian citizens are in the database Ukraine has started using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify the face of its enemies during the war. To identify Russian attackers, Ukraine is taking the help of an American company

Tech Giants stand united against Russia

Big tech companies have also jumped in the war that started between Russia and Ukraine. On the one hand, where tech companies are imposing various restrictions on Russia and Russian media. On the other hand, Russia is also continuously attacking tech companies. Many companies including Google, Meta, Twitter, Telegram have targeted Russia. At the same

5 New Technologies that are disrupting your Workplace

Technologies that are disrupting your Workplace Only one thing never changes at work: change. The change in what we do, where we do it and, above all, how we do it. Twenty-five years ago, many employees still used pens and paper for much of their work. Today, however, laptops, mobile phones and tablets are the

Microsoft Testing Windows 11 Desktop Watermark for Unsupported Hardware  

Tech giant Microsoft is currently experimenting with two new ways to warn Windows 11 users that they have installed the operating system on unsupported hardware.   As The Verge reports, in the latest test build of Windows 11, a new watermark has appeared on the desktop wallpaper, along with a similar warning in the landing

Zuckerberg Introduces New Feature Of Speech Translation Joins AI Project

Mark Zuckerberg shows off an old recorded demo clip that shows a beach scene from a VR avatar, Clouds, Island, Tree, in 3D.   Meta has announced the creation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based translation system, which is working on speech translation, which is believed to be a step in an attempt to build the

Sony Launches New Generation Playstation VR2 Headset

Sony Launches New Generation Playstation VR2 Headset After years of waiting, Sony has finally presented the second generation of its virtual reality viewer, PlayStation VR2, compatible with the new PlayStation 5 console. The original PSVR was released for the PlayStation 4, and it was presented as a different way to play the game; However, since

Nvidia : Most Valuable American Chip Company in the World.  

Nvidia has released its results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2021. Despite the shortage of semiconductors and the abandonment of the acquisition of ARM, the company is doing very well and continues to see its profits increase.   Gaming always ahead The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, has also addressed the disappointment of his

 The Best Nocode Tools To Start A Business

Do you know the NoCode Philosophy? It is a form of Entrepreneurship that seeks to replace the need to know how to program with tools that do the Programming work for you. This new trend is allowing many people to set up their own Digital Companies, because they greatly facilitate Development Work (be it web

China developing Hypersonic Aircraft.  

China developing Hypersonic Aircraft.   China is spending big money on developing Hypersonic Aircraft. The Chinese company has presented a plan for such a Hypersonic Aircraft that can fly from Beijing to New York and reach in just one hour. This aircraft can cover a distance of 11265 KM in an hour. It is also being

Incredible Spectacle Streak across the Cabo Sky for over a Minute

A special kind of Fireworks were seen in the sky of South California, America. First it seemed that some burning meteorite was coming towards the earth. But when detected, it was part of SpaceX’s useless rocket.  As soon as this rocket came to the earth’s upper atmosphere, it started burning due to friction. The pieces

Neuroscientists develops Technology that allows Quadriplegics to Walk 

Three people who had become paraplegic after motorcycle accidents have managed to get back on their feet and take a few steps. Thanks to a surgical intervention to implant electrodes directly on his spinal cord. All three participants had lost all ability to move in their lower limbs and trunk due to complete spinal severing.

Google develops AI capable of Creative Programming 

The AlphaCode system, developed by Google, uses artificial intelligence to program ‘software’.   The dream (or nightmare) of machines programming by themselves is one step closer to becoming a reality. DeepMind, the leading company for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems acquired by Google in 2014, presented AlphaCode, a tool capable of writing code

Apple Inc. Files Patent For Unique Sunroof that Changes Opacity

Rumors since past several years  have hinted that Apple is  been working on its Electric Car that could compete against the giant market leaders like Tesla . And the most recent rumor talks about the sunroof that’ll be on this Car. Apple Inc. recently Filed Patent For Unique Sunroof that Changes Opacity In its Future

AI Naany: Now Robots will play the Role of a Midwife

According to Chinese scientists, in the coming time, everything will change from the birth of the child to the growing up. They claim that the embryo will be an artificial Womb and robots will play the role of a midwife to take care of it.  Scientists are going to replace the whole process from the

NASA developing Drone that will Predict Volcanic Eruptions

The Volcanic Eruption of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean is a very rare event, due to which scientists want to study it in depth. For this, they are taking the help of special types of drones. In this, a drone unmanned aircraft system named S2 has been developed in collaboration with NASA, which will be