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November 20, 2023

Streamlining Wi-Fi Management: Windows 11 Introduces One-Click Network Update Button

Windows operating system users are aware of the inconvenience associated with updating the list of available Wi-Fi networks. However, Microsoft appears to have found a solution to address this issue. The company is introducing a button in Windows 11 that streamlines the process by allowing users to update the list of available Wi-Fi networks with

November 7, 2023

Mastering Screenshot Tools in Windows 11: A Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has long provided users with various screenshot options, which have occasionally been overwhelming. However, with the introduction of Windows 11, the process has been streamlined and enhanced with new features. These updates allow for easier screenshot capture, video recording of your screen, and optical character recognition (OCR) on images. Here’s a

September 26, 2023

Windows 11’s 2023 Update: A Closer Look at 12 Key Features

Microsoft has commenced the rollout of Windows 11’s most substantial update for 2023 today. While the Copilot artificial intelligence sidebar takes the spotlight, there’s a plethora of features to explore in this release. The Windows 11 2023 Update (Version 23H2) brings over 150 enhancements, encompassing AI-powered functionalities for built-in apps and aesthetic refinements to align

July 12, 2023

Windows 11: Microsoft announces end of support for some Versions

Microsoft recently revealed that only the 22H2 version of Windows 10 will continue to have official support, and this happens because the company wants to use the vast majority of its resources in the latest version of its operating system, Windows 11… and even in that , some of its versions are in the process

July 5, 2023

Learn how to enable HDR in Windows 11

If your gaming PC supports a 4K display, enabling high dynamic range (HDR) output is crucial if you really want to enhance your visual experience. Monitors with this capability offer a wider, more vivid spectrum of colors, effectively utilizing the additional pixels found on higher resolution monitors. However, it is important to note that it

May 25, 2023

Microsoft unveils renewed file explorer for Windows 11

Microsoft has been working on a revamp of Windows 11’s File Explorer for a long time. This desired modernization has already been glimpsed, but it revealed itself a little more on the sidelines of the introduction of the Windows Copilot personal assistant in Windows 11. An introductory video gives an overview of the direction taken,

March 27, 2023

aCropalypse: Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for Windows 10/11

Microsoft has released two emergency security updates to address the security flaw known as “aCropalypse”. This is a flaw that was recently discovered in native Windows 10 and Windows 11 screenshot editing apps. As it turns out, the Redmond-based company started testing its patch a few days ago, shortly after the flaw was discovered by

March 1, 2023

Windows 11 Embraces Bing and ChatGPT to Revolutionize User Experience

Bing’s integration into the Windows 11 taskbar is a surprise addition, considering the group hadn’t previously announced it, and tested it with members of the Windows Insider Program. A new Bing icon appears in the taskbar search box, and Microsoft highlights the new chat responses experience in the search dropdown. As a reminder, the new

February 21, 2023

Microsoft integrates photo gallery directly into Windows 11 File Explorer

With Windows 11, Microsoft has worked hard to improve its file explorer. It recently received an update that provided it with the long-awaited tabs like in web browsers, a very practical feature long requested by users. Now we learn that Microsoft is developing a photo gallery tool, which is integrated directly into the file explorer.

February 17, 2023

Windows 11 Introduces New Feature to Easily Close Blocked Apps

In Windows 11 when an application stops responding, we use the traditional Task Manager (control + alt + del) to close it. Something that we tend to do a little irritated, and as a last resort when we are faced with a computer that is blocked. Soon it will no longer be necessary to go

February 8, 2023

Tiny11: The Lightweight Option for Windows 11 Users

Windows 11 still struggles to convince users: for many of them already on Windows 10, the technical sheet imposed by the operating system remains inaccessible. And the changes brought about by this operating system, even though it is free, are not enough to motivate a hardware renewal. Because remember that Windows 11 requires users to

January 26, 2023

Windows 11: New Features coming to File Explorer revealed

We’ve known for some time that Microsoft has been working on some new features for Windows 11’s File Explorer. Now, the folks at Windows Central have some news to share about the upcoming update, which won’t just have a revamped search field. Previous buttons in the header such as “New”, “Copy” and “Paste” are moved

January 17, 2023

Microsoft prepares to add new features to Windows 11

Thanks to the latest Windows 11 developer builds, we’ve had confirmation that Microsoft is working on a redesign of File Explorer, with new suggestions and new navigation options. After the introduction of tabs with Windows 11 22H2 last year, File Explorer hasn’t seen any new features added, but we could see significant changes in the

January 2, 2023

Is Windows 11 less faster than Windows 10?

Since its launch, Microsoft keeps saying that Windows 11 was designed to get the best out of the hardware available, and goes on to explain how this has been done. Although everything the company has revealed is in theory true, in practice Windows 11 may not be faster than Windows 10. Although there are indeed

November 12, 2022

Microsoft adds Key Feature to Windows 11 Task Manager

Microsoft is releasing a new beta version of Windows 11 that has a search bar in the task manager. This will make it easier for users to find a program with a specific problem. Here is what Microsoft says about this new feature: We bring process filtering to the task manager. This is the main

November 9, 2022

Windows 11 21H2 KB5019961 Fixes Windows operating system security issues.

Microsoft Releases November Patch Tuesday for Windows 10 and 11. Yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month, and that meant it was the day for Microsoft to make Patch Tuesday available for the operating systems it supports, including Windows 10 and Windows 11. Let’s start with the latest version of the operating system, Windows

November 7, 2022

Only 15.44 percent of PCs across the Globe have installed Windows 11

According to its latest ‘StatCounter’ report, which refers to the month of October, the market share of Windows 11 on computers equipped with the Microsoft operating system is 15.44%. An adoption rate that is rising very slowly. Windows 11 has been available for just over a year, and its first major update, 22H2, was recently

April 21, 2022

Tips on How to format Windows 11

Tips on How to format Windows 11 step by step, so that you can leave everything as if you had just bought the computer. Formatting a hard drive is used to erase everything so you can start from scratch. However, if you just want to reset Windows to be able to leave it as if