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Targeted SEO: Strategies to increase site traffic

SEO can have a huge impact on increasing site traffic, as long as it is targeted and strategic. Of course, the important thing is that you have to have the right pages to get the right result. These pages must be optimized. Ability to get links. Most importantly, have the right position. Best Organic Traffic Services To Buy Online is one of the things that site owners need to pay attention to is the retention rate of users on the web pages. The longer people stay on the site, the more content they read and the better your site’s score and page rank. Note that Google attaches great importance to this issue; So, to increase the time users stay on the pages of the site, you need to take targeted actions. Showing related posts in articles is one of the things that makes users read more content and will increase the retention time on the site.

The location and search capacity are measured by several factors. Factors such as the number of related audiences and the volume of competition. The better the situation, the better the results. Basically, the location of the search depends on the amount and type of organic traffic. Traffic that you could potentially get from ranking for a word.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your number of page views in a matter of months.

Identify organic search opportunities

Organic search opportunities

The first and most important step in increasing site traffic is to identify organic search opportunities. Generating valuable content and getting credible links are essential elements in improving page rank. However, these elements will not be useful if you do not target the right position.

Identifying search opportunities begins with analyzing competitors’ performance. To increase site traffic, you need to know how competitors create targeted organic website traffic. To do this analysis, you can do the following:


  • Organic monthly traffic
  • Content type and format
  • Type and size of backlinks
  • The percentage of organic traffic in the domain
  • The keywords with which the site is ranked are the user’s goal

Analyzing the top pages of a competitor’s site can help you get to know your audience. It also provides a better understanding of content marketing strategies. This way you can identify gaps and opportunities for your website.

Optimize pages to increase site traffic

Organic traffic After analyzing competitors, you will find some keywords. If you rank well in these words, they can increase your site traffic. Check the site to see if there are pages where you can use those words. Optimize existing pages or create new ones. Use these tips to optimize your page:


  • Use the keyword in the headlines.
  • Disseminate information related to the topic of the term.
  • Optimize the structure of internal links.
  • Add new content formats to the page. (Video, audio file and 2)
  • Use less promotional language in the information pages.
  • Use the different keyword modes and its Long tail pattern.
  • Modify the site structure. (Reduce page depth, modify menus, etc.)
  • Give links to reputable sources. (Scientific Research, Government Resources, Educational Institutions, etc.)

Websites usually have pages with the right location and capacity. By doing small things, you can increase their organic traffic. For some situations, you may need to create new pages. In this case, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does page content serve users?
  • How should I use the target keyword on this page?
  • What other forms of this keyword can I use in the text?

Get valuable backlinks to increase site traffic

Backlinks and increase site traffic

Once you’ve created an optimal page, it’s time to get a few links. One of the most important things to do to increase site traffic is link building.

The SEO of that page and the valuable content of the page prepare you for success. But the links identify it as a valid source and secure its place in the search results.

There are several ways to get backlinks, some of which are as follows:

Submit comments on the blog are: One way to increase site visits is related to the field of activity on your blog. Leave a comment. In that comment, add the link to the part of your site that is relevant to the topic.

Activity in the forum or forums are at the forum also can participate in discussions and links related to your pages. You can also sign the site link.

Posting content on Google Plus: This social network is not very popular in Iran. However, Google gives more credibility to the content published on this platform. Share the content of the site on Google Plus and get a valid link.

Activity in the network society: Another way to increase site visits is to link pages within your social network posts. In addition to backing up, this has many benefits. In this way, you can attract more traffic and introduce your brand to the public.

Note that you must include your link in the related pages. You should also choose sites that are valid and not spam. By analyzing competitors, you can find out how many links are needed for the page.

 Monitor and analyze pages

The best part about SEO is its scalability. You can measure the success of your activities. You can also compare the performance of a page before and after optimization. There are several tools for site analysis. For example, Google Search Console or Google Analytics.

 Total Package

We have introduced the steps and strategies for increasing site visits and targeted SEO. Note that all of these steps must be done in unison. Without proper identification and analysis of competitors and audiences, the right strategy cannot be developed. That’s what targeted SEO is all about. A method in which all SEO solutions serve previous analyzes. In this method, we can targeted web traffic a specific segment of the audience with a specific type of keyword. The purpose of this process is to increase the traffic of one or more specific pages of the site.

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