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‘The Enigma’ World’s Largest Black Diamond of 555.55 Carats is going to be auctioned

The world’s largest black diamond found so far is going to be auctioned. This diamond is 555.55 carats. The value of this diamond as big as a palm is in billions. It has been named ‘The Enigma’. Its name is also recorded in the Guinness World Records. Now this diamond is going to be auctioned. It has been put up for public display ahead of the auction in Dubai. A Company named Sothbey is auctioning this Diamond.

Would have formed 2.6 billion Years ago

American news website CNN quoted the expert as saying, this rare black diamond would have been formed 2.6 billion years ago when a meteorite or small planet collided with the Earth. This diamond contains carbon isotopes that are not found on Earth. From this the experts came to the conclusion that this diamond came to Earth from another world.

Will be surprised to Know the Price 

This diamond remains a topic of discussion all over the world. However, this is its approximate price. It can be bought at auction by paying a higher price. Many rich people of the world want to take it home. This diamond can also be bought in the auction by paying cryptocurrency.

Name in Guinness Book

This rare black diamond i.e. Carbonado was recorded in the Guinness Book as the world’s largest cut diamond in 2006. Let us tell you that such diamonds are found only in two places in the world. Such diamonds are sometimes found only in Brazil and Central Africa.

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