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The Raw Water Movement Is it brilliant or obnoxious

For the last two decades, as more and more people became health conscious, the increased trend in everything raw literally went through the roof! The belief was that raw translated to something natural, pure, and not tainted by the effects of modern processing methods. This sparked multiple movements such as the paleo diet, raw dairy, and organic evangelism. Today, the water movement is gaining a lot of attention and traction. However, taking a closer look at it, should one consider it as a smart move, or a way of life that is erred with a lot of misinterpretations and misconceptions?

All natural

For starters, it seems that the raw water trend is taking the natural path to the extreme. Enthusiasts are trespassing on private land in the dead of the night to harvest 'natural water' from the secret springs. In the process, they risk facing severe legal consequences. Not only that, there's also the risk of contracting a bacterial infection, or being latched onto by a parasite!

Furthermore, not all spring water is free from elements that are harmful to one's health. In fact, all water sources are affected by the environment, and hence, are also prone to contamination by industrial age waste.

Debunking misconceptions

Furthermore, most pro raw water supporters believe that in the earlier half of the 19th century, a large portion of Americans drank pure pristine water. However, there is no historical evidence to prove this school of thought.

Back then, everyone including children drank a lot of beer and hard cider for one reason alone. To prevent waterborne illnesses that were quite prevalent, causing multiple deaths and literally wiping out towns! In fact, in the 1700s and 1800s, it was even safer to drink alcoholic beverages than the 'natural spring water' that was in plentiful supply!

Heck that was a way of life especially for towns whose proximity to their water sources as well as sewage systems, were not well-separated.

Health myths

There's also the whole science malarkey that's misleading people. For example, there have been erroneous claims that incorporating fresh juice into one's diet effectively cleanses one's body of toxins.

So how did this misconceiving movement gain such popularity? Well, it all boils down to business ventures. Venture capitalists are using the raw water movement in a bid to rake in substantial amounts of money. In turn, a lot of propaganda has been promoted in the process to mislead the masses. One good example is the belief that the lack of bacteria in our water is the main reason for malnourishment today.

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In truth, industrial corporations have played a big part behind the scenes. With all the rampant industrial pollution that's currently taking place, it's almost safe to say that no natural water source today is free from some form of contamination.

Could it be a cover-up that our water sources have already been contaminated beyond rescue and rehabilitation? Only time will tell. In the meantime, water is one fundamental source that should be guarded effectively.

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