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The worst products to dropship on Aliexpress

AliExpress might be a reputable retailer and beloved by many dropshippers, but that doesn’t mean every product is perfect. Since there are over 10,000 items on AliExpress, some of their products are real duds and shouldn’t be included in your online store. Here are some of the worst products that you should avoid altogether as you continue to use AliExpress.

Clothing that is XXL or larger

Clothing is such a large part of AliExpress that you may be surprised to see this suggestion here, but there’s a good reason. Now, if you list clothing that is extra small to XL, you can keep these products on your site. Many people fit into these sizes, and there won’t be many returns and complaints that the outfit or piece of clothing didn’t fit or was too small. But if the clothing size is XXL or higher, we don’t recommend you selling these sizes.

Products that are made for large people are not sized correctly, and the clothes will be smaller than what the person needed. Most items from Aliexpress are made in China. So, the XXL sizes are measurements that are created by a Chinese person’s body. Western people have a larger body frame, so smaller clothes won’t fit them, even if it is the same size. The customer who orders large sizes will get angry that the clothes don’t fit, and they will have to return them. So don’t carry clothing products that are created n the larger sizes.

“Gucci products”

Since AliExpress in China, there is a strong chance that products that are high-quality or have a luxury brand new aren’t sold on the site. However, you will see counterfeit products on the website from time to time. Be on the lookout for famous brand names like Gucci, Dior, Nike, and others. Not only is Aliexpressselling counterfeit products of luxury brands, but you are also opening yourself up to a lawsuit by the companies themselves if you use their knockoff.


This is just a no-brainer; food from Aliexpress is one of the worst products you can sell to a customer. Even if the product is vacuum-sealed and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, the constant temperature change from hot to freezing is dangerous, and it will mess up the food inside a customer’s package. Don’t even sell fruit from AliExpress, but you can sell fruit-flavored candies.

Anything with bad reviews

As you scroll through AliExpress, searching for the perfect products to place on your online store, you must notice all of the products have a review section and star rating. The reviews are from real people who assess the product after they purchase it. If a product only has one good review, wait until someone else buys the product and leaves another review. If a product has many reviews and a third of them are bad, you should stay away from that item too.


If you avoid placing these products on your online store, then you will save yourself many headaches and lost hours. You will also keep the trust of your customers and prevent them from purchasing an inferior product. So stay away from “luxury” clothing lines and products with many terrible reviews, so you won’t have to stress out.

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