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Things to Consider Before Buying Flower Girl Dresses

Buying flower girl dresses for your big wedding day can seem like such a chore. Especially when you have so much to plan and organize, it’s super time consuming to keep updated with the little flower girl, her growth and how she will fit into the dress. That’s why we have created this list of things to consider before buying flower girl dresses. We’re hoping it will take away some of your pre-wedding stress as it can be difficult to truly enjoy planning your wedding when you feel worried about how everything will go. Take everything one step at a time and take a look at our list below.

The Theme of Your Wedding

This may not be a concern for you as not every couple opts for a themed wedding day. However, if you’re a bride who has to adhere to the theme of your wedding, then you may wonder how you’re going to buy a flower girl dress that with fit with the theme. In this case, we would recommend you take a look at the style of the bridesmaid’s dresses and see if you can purchase something similar for the little flower princess. It may be something bright and white, or a little alternative like a pale green or blue, whatever you choose is sure to look beautiful.

The Season

Each season comes with the assigned weather which is essential to consider before buying the flower girl dresses. It may be worth checking out what the typical temperature is during the month you’re planning on getting married so you can ensure your flower girl isn’t going to be cold throughout the day. If you have a flower girl dress in mind that wouldn’t keep her warm during the colder weather, then you can always purchase a small cardigan or pull-over for her to wear. Remember, comfort is the key element of every flower girl dress.

The Style of Dress that Suits the Flower Girl

Little girls don’t have a certain body shape as these only typically develop during puberty, but there will be dresses that look better or worse on each little girl as they all look different. It’s always best to allow the flower girls to try on their dresses multiple times before the big day to ensure they still suit the dress and will look super pretty. Lace flower girl dresses are a popular trend right now so it’s always great to check those out to see how they would look on your flower girl.

The Cost

It’s understandable you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on flower girl dresses which is why we would recommend setting a reasonable budget per dress. This will bring the cost down as you will only be looking at dresses within your budget. Certain flower girl dresses can be very expensive, and they don’t need to be if you search in the right places!

The Accessories

You may only want to consider accessories after you have purchased your flower girl dresses, but sometimes brides have specific pieces of jewelry, they would like their girls to wear. If this is so then, you will have to consider the accessories before purchasing the dress itself. This will guarantee you’re not disappointed with or worried about the overall look of your flower girls.

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