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Those 4 Questions About Omicron That Scientists Are Struggling To Know

Now the panic of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Many of the world’s population has not been vaccinated, and so far the effect of this variant and the effectiveness of vaccines on it has not been properly and fully informed. But its ability to spread very fast has forced all the countries of the world to take precautionary steps. At the same time, scientists are also trying to find answers to four major questions about Omicron.


US President Joe Biden also said that this variant is definitely a cause for concern but it is not a reason to panic. Its primary evidence tells about its ability to spread rapidly. Dr. Anthony Fauci, recognized as America’s top infectious disease doctor, has told Biden that it will take about two weeks to come to the details. In such a situation, at present, more emphasis is being given on prevention and vaccines in every country.

The Biggest Question

At this time, scientists are engaged in knowing four major things about the Omicron variant. The first question is whether Omicron infection has come to his country or not. No such case has been confirmed in India so far and America has also not been named in the list of countries where such infections have been found. On the one hand, the number of countries with Omicron infection is increasing gradually, while other countries are also taking restrictions seriously and are not shying away from investigations.


Spread all over the world

Talking about America, the CDC has not seen any such case there so far. But America is far behind compared to many countries in the sequencing of corona virus samples. According to the report of Business Insider, many experts believe that it is more likely that this variant may have arrived in the US. It has already arrived in the UK, Australia, Israel and Hong Kong.

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Preliminary information about the Omicron variant suggests caution.

Does Omicron spread faster than Delta

The initial information says that this is absolutely true. There are many reasons for this. The biggest reason is the World Health Organization calling it dangerous and while saying so, it has said that it spreads very fast. But this claim cannot be made authentically now and the problem is that the proofs cannot be waited for. According to the CDC, where 11-15 mutations appeared in the delta. So far, more than 30 mutations have been seen in Omicron’s spike protein itself. Experts say that the way Omicron is spreading, it also seems right.

What is the meaning of Omicron in Greek, why is this name named?

It may be too early to say. Information so far suggests that Omicron can cause mild illness. In South Africa it is more visible among the youth. It is a matter of concern that till now it has been believed that the Kovid infection is less visible in youth or they do not develop serious disease. But only a quarter of young people in South Africa were vaccinated. In such a situation, more data is still needed to reach the results.

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