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Threads: Meta’s Social Network Nears 100 Million Users in Rapid Growth

Threads, another offering from Meta, has emerged as a direct competitor to the former Twitter, known as “X,” and is already approaching a user base of nearly 100 million, according to information released by Mark Zuckerberg.

This announcement was made during the Meta’s last quarter financial results presentation, where Mark Zuckerberg stated:

“I’d like to provide a brief update on Threads . We’ve completed three months of existence, and I’m very pleased with the trajectory. There are just under 100 million monthly active users at this point, and we’re getting to the stage where we’ll focus on community growth.

From what we can tell, people are loving it so far. I’ve long thought that there should be a public conversation app for a billion people that’s a bit more positive, and I think if we continue like this for a few more years, we’ll have a good shot at reaching our goal.”

Mark Zuckerberg notes Threads’ continued growth

Meta launched Threads in July. Although the social network was quite limited initially, the company quickly added numerous features, including a web version, message search capability, and a free message editing function (a feature that’s paid on “X”). However, the platform remains unavailable in Europe due to Meta’s uncertainty regarding its ability to comply with the new data regulations in effect in the European Union.




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