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TikTok Now Coming Soon to All Users

TikTok is definitely the most popular social network right now, especially among the younger ones, and for that reason, its many features are often copied by its competitors. Now, the time has come when this social network copies the feature of a competitor, TikTok Now.

Apparently, this TikTok Now is a solution that has been defined as a new way that will allow users to share their “most authentic moments”. In essence, this feature is the new tool designed to allow users to share “genuine” photos and videos and tell their closest friends about their daily experiences.

Every day, users will receive a notification asking them to record a 10-second video, or take a photo, to quickly and easily share what they are doing: if they agree, TikTok Now will use the smartphone’s two cameras (rear and front) to create more private content.

This new feature is very reminiscent of the BeReal application, which is based precisely on a daily notification that encourages users to share a photo of themselves, and their involvement in a window of a few minutes, randomly selected every day.

TikTok Now Coming Soon to All Users

TikTok Now trials have already started and in the coming weeks the service will be available both in the main app and through a dedicated app.

If for minors the social network provides limitations on who can see the shared content, users of legal age can establish the level of privacy to set (from just friends to all users, even those they don’t know).

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