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TikTok one small step away from being banned in Europe

TikTok is in serious danger of being banned in Europe: the European commissioner Thierry Breton reported this in no uncertain terms to CEO Shou Zi Chew during a video conference in which the terms that the Chinese company must respect to continue to operate were once again reiterated within the HUH.

Breton used the social network Twitter to publicly share the Commission’s line:

With a younger audience, you need more responsibility. As a platform that reaches millions of young Europeans, TikTok must fully comply with EU legislation, especially the DSA.

Thus, the message that the commissioner hopes to be passed on is quite direct: promises are no longer enough, now facts are needed. And if not, banning is more than just an option. The deadline communicated to the CEO for compliance with the provisions of the Digital Services Law is set for September 2023.

The DSA includes dissuasive sanctions, including a ban in the European Union in the case of repeated serious violations that endanger the lives or safety of individuals. For its part, TikTok reiterates its commitment to comply not only with the DSA, but also with GDPR and disinformation rules. Even in the United States, the situation is still not entirely clear: the Senate has voted to ban government devices, some universities have limited their use, and the Chamber of Deputies does not allow deputies and employees to have the application installed on their smartphones.



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