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Tips on Finding an Affordable Wedding Dress

The dress you wear on your wedding day sets the tone for the rest of your wedding, so choosing something that fits your wedding style represents who you are as a couple. Many brides opt to buy their dresses off-the-rack, but it can be challenging to find an affordable dress, especially if you want something with intricate details or beautiful beadwork. Luckily, the internet has plenty of resources to help you find an affordable wedding dress, whether you want to buy your dress online or hit up local shops and secondhand stores in your area.

If you’re like most brides-to-be, the process of finding your dream wedding dress will be one of the most exciting yet stressful moments in your life. If you want to save yourself the frustration and stress of figuring out how to find an affordable wedding dress, follow these simple tips instead.

Know your budget

Before you start shopping for your gown, figure out how much you’re willing to spend. Just because you want to look like a princess doesn’t mean you have to spend like one. Don’t be afraid to haggle with sales associates, either—they often work off commission and are looking for ways to reduce their prices. Use that information against them to land a deal. Don’t forget about resale shops and consignment stores; they can also help you find a beautiful gown at a great price, plus Moissanite engagement rings since they might be a lot more budget-friendly than you’d find at a bridal shop. The most important thing is to know what you can afford before you get started so that when it comes time to make your purchase, you don’t overspend just because something is on sale.

Shop for used clothing and accessories (Bridal shows, vintage stores)

Many bridal shops offer complimentary try-on if you want to test out a style before you commit. This is a great way to ensure that a style suits your body type. Also, please don’t assume you’ll be able to zip into it right away–many women find that dresses start feeling snug after only a few days of trying them on. By giving yourself more time buying and wearing your dress, you’ll be more comfortable during your big day.

Go bridal shop sale season

Wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars. But when a retailer’s inventory is dwindling, they’ll mark down their merchandise to get it out and make room for more. That means you can find designer pieces at steep discounts (think 30% off) just as manufacturers get rid of old stock to make way for new lines. If you know what you want (say, a Vera Wang gown), check out retailers’ sale pages on their websites and sign up for daily email alerts, so you’re never in the dark about sales.

Final Thoughts

In addition to saving you money, shopping for used wedding gowns saves resources by reducing consumption and waste. Don’t overlook eBay for great deals. You can find everything from vintage accessories, Moissanite engagement rings, and brand-new ball gowns. If they’re in good condition, don’t be afraid to refurbish these types of items yourself so long as you have some sewing experience.

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