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Tips To Choose A Catchy Name For Your Brand’s Chatbot

If you are thinking why your chatbot’s name matters for your website or your brand, then you should know that creating a catchy name won’t do wonders for your brand but definitely it can make a useful bot more effective. For instance, if your chatbot name is catchy for your customers or visitors to remember, it will make it easier for them to find your chatbot in their inbox next time.

When setting up a chatbot for your website, or your Facebook messenger, the first priority is to create a chatbot that is functional and useful for the users. It can help the customers or the visitors in solving their problems and providing answers to their queries. However, choosing a name for a bot can make your chatbot more memorable and approachable. It can make a difference for a user either make him interact with the chatbot again or not.

Types of chatbot names

There are different categories of names you can give to your chatbot, depending on your business type, and the purpose of integrating a chatbot for your website or your brand. And importantly, the selection depends on what you expect your customers to see your brand. The most common categories includes:

  • Human name type – This type of chatbot name is most preferable for industries like banking, medical services etc.
  • Robot name type – Giving a distinct name for a bot that sounds robotic such as Alpha, or Elixir, removes ambiguity for the users who they are chatting with. A robot name is suitable for the chatbots used for industries and organisations such as education, or finance

Then there are descriptive names such as Book Club Bot, and clever type names Swelly or Cupid. These types of interesting names give clarity to users and are likely more appealing to the users to make them engage with the chatbots.

Tips to choose the name for your chatbot

Chatbots are considered as the sales tool for your brand or company. So it is important for you to choose the right name for the bot to make a tenacious impression on the user. Follow these tips when you are in search of a great name for your brand’s chatbot:

● Reflect the style of your brand

Make sure that the name of your bot should harmonise with your brand persona. Your chatbot should conform to the way your business communicates with the customers. If you have a blog, or a website, or operate some social media pages, then choose a name that reflects the tone and style you want your customers to feel, otherwise you will lose the interest of the visitors on your website or might confuse them.

● Must not be boring

The best name for a chatbot to select must give a clue about its purpose. It can be descriptive but not a boring one. For example, Find fishing supplies bot is too descriptive and boring too. Rather make it Roe-bot, as roe means fish egg masses.

● Must give your bot a personality

The name selected for the bot that avoids confusion for the users. Your bot takes on a role as you assign a name to it, making it more engaging and interesting to interact with. If your bot does not have a personality, it could be boring and easily forgettable for the users.

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