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Tips to FaceTiming Between Android and iPhone Users

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For quite some time, Android users have found themselves excluded from enjoying several of Apple’s popular apps and services, such as iMessage and FaceTime. While the green bubble for text messages between Android and iPhone users remains, Apple has taken a step forward in extending access to its video-calling platform.

Although Android users are still unable to initiate FaceTime calls or directly download the FaceTime app, Apple has introduced a workaround. Apple users now have the ability to share an invitation link with their Android friends, akin to a one-way Zoom link.

Here’s a guide on how to navigate FaceTime on Android with iPhone users:

  1. Ensure the iPhone user has the latest software installed.
    • Minimum requirements for supported devices:
      • iPhone: iOS 15 or later
      • iPad: iPadOS 15 or later
      • Mac: MacOS 12 Monterey or later
  2. Sending and receiving a FaceTime link:
    • As the sender/host: Open the FaceTime app on your Apple device, then select “Create Link.” You’ll receive a unique link to share with your contacts, regardless of their device. You can also personalize the link with a name. Those joining from Android or Windows devices won’t need to log in.
    • As the receiver: Click the FaceTime invitation link sent by the Apple user, and your browser will open a new window. Allow access to your camera and microphone if prompted, and enter your name to join the call.
  3. Accepting and joining the FaceTime call:
    • As the sender/host: After sending the link, Apple will prompt the receiver to join the FaceTime call. Upon receiving the invitation, you can accept or decline their entry request. Stay attentive to avoid leaving your guest waiting.
    • As the receiver: Simply click the FaceTime link and hit “Join” to participate. Your video feed will appear in a corner of your Android screen.
  4. Using FaceTime:
    • As the sender/host: Enjoy FaceTime features on your Apple device as usual, including adding Memojis or filters and engaging in chats. End the call when finished.
    • As the receiver: While you won’t have access to all FaceTime features, you can still participate in the call. Manual screenshotting is an option, but be aware that the other party won’t be notified.

By following these steps, Android users can now participate in FaceTime calls initiated by their Apple-using friends, bridging the gap between the two platforms.



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