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Tips to Teach Your Kids about Money and Build Financial Literacy

Many parents grew up in a culture where discussing money was considered taboo, but this approach does more harm than good. Shielding kids from money discussions leads to ignorance or fear of making money decisions, often leading to poor money moves and long-term financial struggles.

To help your kids feel confident about money, start teaching them from a young age. You can open checking accounts for them, have them earn money by doing extra work around the house instead of giving out allowances, and pay them to read books on personal finance or goal-setting. Teach them how to save, donate, and spend, and involve them in the planning process of big purchases. Be transparent about the cost of everything, and tell them about your own financial goals and plans.

Having open discussions about money with your children can help them develop a responsible and healthy relationship with finances. This approach equips them to make sound financial decisions, manage their own money, and achieve financial goals. It’s crucial to involve them in financial decisions and discussions, set an example, and maintain ongoing financial education. Teach them to be confident and self-reliant with money, setting them up for a lifetime of financial success.



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