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Top Reasons to Use Personalized Vinyl Decals

If you look around you, you will notice vinyl decals and stickers all over the place. Most commonly, you will find them on vehicles used for business deliveries and on window displays of retail stores. Vinyl decals are versatile and can be used across a wide range of applications and can be pasted both on top of surfaces or the inside of transparent glass or plastic surfaces. Being affordable, easy to use, and long-lasting, vinyl decals are very popular with all kinds of businesses, big and small, for advertising and sales promotion. Some of the more visible applications of vinyl decals:

Mobile Advertising

One of the most common uses of vinyl decals is mobile advertising. Fixing personalized decals on the fleet of vehicles used by businesses can be an easy and convenient way of advertising. These decals can have elaborate and colorful designs incorporating the name of the brand, the address, and phone numbers as well images of the products. By creating eye-catching and fixing them on both sides of the vehicle, businesses can expose their brand to audiences that cannot help noticing them from the sidewalks or their vehicles. According to Entrepreneur magazine, vehicle graphics is effective for business promotions being cost-effective, long-lasting, and impactful.

Storefront Displays

One of the biggest challenges for retail stores is encouraging potential customers to walk in and browse. As will be appreciated, the storefront is one of the most valuable assets for attracting the attention of customers. While it is common for store owners to display a few products inside the large glass windows, often, they can put them to better use by affixing large window decals with attractive designs that cannot be missed by passersby. Not only can they have transparent custom vinyl decals through which people can see the inside of their stores but also one-way vision decals covering the entire window that not only advertises the store by also stops sunlight from entering the store that may cause the products to fade and put extra load on the air conditioning. Business owners love the fact that fixing the decals is very easy and quick, and they can keep on putting new decals to drive footfalls. These decals can be fixed inside the store window so that they become less dirty and more resistant to wear and tear.

Business Promotion

Another great idea for using vinyl decals is for business promotion. Owners of businesses can distribute them freely at events, road shows, exhibitions, fairs, and other outdoor advertising and publicity exercises. Incorporating cool designs on them, especially stuff that can bring a smile to the viewers can easily be taken home to be fixed on cars or fridges ensuring better memorability of your brand.


Not only are vinyl decals extremely versatile but also businesses love them because they can be easily designed, printed, and applied on various smooth surfaces like glass storefronts and cars. These decals score handsomely over paint jobs because they are easy to affix and need no drying time. Moreover, they are long-lasting, can be cut in various shapes and sizes accurately, and represent great value for money.

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