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Top Tools and Techniques to laying Wooden Floors

If you have made the decision to lay wooden flooring in your house, then this doesn’t always need the support of an external company or joiner. Many people are immediately afraid of the concept of tackling this and when they look at the engineered flooring options are simply overwhelmed. There is a lot of guidance and support on the internet (including some idiot proof videos) and an engineered flooring UK company can also support not only with materials but support on guidance on how to lay. Below we have come up with some of the top tips and tools needed in order to lay flooring to a basic standard.

Preparation is Key

Before you even embark on the journey there are a lot of things that need to be completed in advance in order to ensure that you prepare effectively. The first thing is to measure the area you are wanting to lay the wooden flooring and measure it accurately. Getting this wrong could end up with you have lots of excess material or maybe not even enough! If the room you are planning to do this in is not completely square then it would be wise to actually draw out a sketch of all the different dimensions and take with you to the store and give it to the advisor in order to support.


There is a lot of different quality wooden flooring available for people to purchase and these come in all sorts of styles, colours, strength and quality. Don’t rush into this element as if you are going to spend many hours (or days) laying it, you want to make sure you haven’t made a mistake in the type you purchase. With the measurements that you have, the normal practice would be to purchase slightly more material than you need. This is mainly to allow for a mistake in installation (or even the measurements). It would be a nightmare if you were a small area short of material to then go back to the store to find out that they don’t have any more in stock! When purchasing the materials also think of the underlay that is needed to go under the flooring. Do not automatically gravitate towards the cheapest as the underlay plays an important part in the overall comfort and quality.


When you are ready to lay the wood (and have removed the previous wooden floor or carpet) there are certain tools that you will need. This includes the saw, pencil, hammer, carpenters square and hammer. In terms of health and safety, you may also wish to consider a pair of safety glasses and a dust mask. Take time to measure each of the areas correctly with the pencil and if you have the power saw, it is then a lot easier to cut to size. The handsaw will come in handy for areas that are not square or circular.


This is not an activity that requires a joiner to complete and anyone that tackles this with preparation in mind should be able to execute it competently. The tools to lay the flooring can all come in one kit if required so you don’t have to purchase individual items.

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