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Top Universities in Melbourne 2020

If you are aiming to become a university student in Melbourne, you owe to know about everything about the city and everything about the universities there. And get admitted into one of the bests of them. And if you are already on your way of gathering information, then welcome! The article is for you. This is because we will be trying to let you know about the top universities in Melbourne.

To know about the best universities along with a little bit about the city and make it easier to make a better decision, stay with us till the end of the article.

How good is your decision to study in Melbourne?

Suppose you have completely made up your mind to study in Melbourne, congratulations! This is probably one of the best decisions you have made in your life. Because you have chosen the third one among the best student cities all over the world and the best one in Australia.

Six out of Victoria’s ten universities have made their places among the world’s top universities. So, consider yourself lucky for getting to study in one of them. Also, you will be enjoying the excellent transport system in Melbourne, consisting of buses, trams, and trains. You will barely need a car to move around the city. And you can never ignore the serenity of Victoria’s landscapes.

Considering the housing, transport, living cost, neighborhood, etc. Melbourne is simply an amazing city to live in. Also, students get excellent support for their universities.

Top universities in Melbourne

When you decide to continue your study in a certain city, obviously you don’t want to study in just any random college. Everyone wants to be in the best place. And for that, you need to prepare yourself. But, how do you even know how to prepare yourself when you don’t even know what to prepare for? Yes, the first part of your preparation is to decide for which university you want to prepare for.

And for that, you have to know about the universities and their requirements. As we mentioned earlier, the city of art, culture, and education has the world’s top universities. Universities out of which many of the leaders and legends have been created. In the part of the article, we will talk about those universities that have been standing up with pride since ages for their achievements.

  1. University of Melbourne

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is the second oldest university in Australia and is the best university in Melbourne. According to the QS World University Ranking 2020, this is the 38th best university in the world.

This university has seven campuses operating not only in Melbourne but also in other areas of Victoria. One of the largest groups of graduate researchers in Australia belongs to this university. The cohort includes over 15000 Ph.D., masters by research, research doctorates, and postgraduate coursework candidates.

In 1970, one of its five research institutes has contributed to developing the cochlear implant. Four prime ministers of Australia, nine Nobel Laureates, five governors-general, and many more have been created in this university. No other universities in Australia have this much notable alumnus.

  1. Monash University

Named after Sir John Monash, a military leader, engineer, and public administrator, Monash University is the largest university in Australia. The second university of Victoria was founded in 1958. But within this short time, this young research institute has built up a large community of students. In 2020, the university has been declared to be the 58thbest university in the world according to the QS World University Ranking.

This is one of the leading research institutes of Australia. And has five campuses in Victoria. It also has a campus, a research and training center, a graduate research school, and a graduate school respectively in Malaysia, Prato (Italy), Mumbai, and Suzhou (China).

This university offers over 6000 courses with more than ten faculties. The first IVF pregnancy in the world, the first seatbelt legislation, the discovery of Relenza (the first anti-influenza drug), the development of the oral anti-malaria single-use drug, and many more are all the research achievements of Monash University.

Famous alumni include Peter Carey, the Booker prize winner, playwright David Williamson, and musician Nick Cave.

  1. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)

In 1887, it was originally founded as the Working Men’s College of Melbourne. Ranked as 291st in the world, RMIT is strongly focused on design and technology. Its main campus is operating in the northern part of the middle of the city at the fringe of the central business district. The school is proud to be one of the few universities which are so central in Melbourne and that It is not self-contained, but the main part of the cultural hub of the city is formed by it. The population of RMIT includes an Australian base of more than 57,000 students and international campus students over 17,000.

A really long list of famous Alumni of RMIT includes fashion designer, model and promoter Leigh Bowery, fashion designer Toni Matičevski, freestyle skier Lydia Lassila and many more.

The list goes really long with Deakin University, La Trobe University, Victoria University, Swinburne University of Technology, and many more. If you want to know about all of the universities in Melbourne, you have to spend plenty of time. It is not an easy task to enter into any of these universities. You have to prepare hard to get into any of the top universities in Melbourne. The preparation is up to you, but you can leave the task to find Universities for you on Cateight. And you can do that from right here.

Final Thoughts

At the point, when we are at the end of the article, we hope that you have at least a minimum knowledge about the top universities of Melbourne and the city itself. The rest of the job, such find universities suitable for you and other information can be done by Cateight.

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