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Elon Musk-backed Twitter AI project and Jailbreak Chat push the boundaries of AI technology

According to reports, Twitter has invested in 10,000 data centre-grade GPUs for an in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) project. The purchase, which cost a significant amount of money, was made under the guidance of Elon Musk, who is reportedly committed to the project. The GPUs will be installed in Twitter’s two remaining data centres, and it is unclear what specific AI project the company is working on.

Meanwhile, an innovative website called Jailbreak Chat is giving people the opportunity to contribute to the development of AI by submitting and voting on AI prompts known as “jailbreaks”. Alex Albert, a computer science student at the University of Washington, is one of the creators of these prompts and is at the forefront of bypass techniques. While the technology is still in its early stages, the community views it as a chance to explore AI’s capabilities while contributing to its development. However, there are concerns over the regulation of its use to prevent misuse, as with any new technology.

In conclusion, these two pieces of news highlight the exciting developments in AI technology and its potential to impact various industries, including social media. However, the responsible use of this technology must be a top priority to prevent any negative consequences.



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