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Typical Applications of Turbine Flow Meters

There are many different kinds of flow meters used across industries today. Each specific type is often more suitable for a particular application than another. Engineers and technicians always make sure that in choosing the right flow meter, all parameters and factors are taken into consideration.

One specific type of flow meter commonly used today is a turbine flow meter. In general, it is used to measure the volumetric flow rate of clear liquid passing through a pipeline. These devices have simple operation and require very little maintenance. Another characteristic of turbine flowmeters which make them a preferred measuring device is their high accuracy and repeatability. 

How does a turbine flow meter work?

The working principle of a turbine flow meter is relatively simple. Fluid passing through the flow meter comes into contact with the turbine rotating inside the turbine flow meter housing. The rotational velocity of the turbine rotor directly equates to the velocity of the fluid passing through the turbine. The output is then picked up and read by a sensor mounted on the turbine flow meter body.

How do you achieve measurement repeatability using a turbine flow meter?

The turbine meter has an expanding blade hanger assembly which holds the turbine rotor in constant alignment with the fluid’s flow. The angular position of these blades in relation to the stream of fluid determines the output frequency of the turbine meter. The impact of fluid flow on the base causes the rotor to rotate at a velocity directly proportional to the fluid flow rate. This working principle guarantees the linearity and measurement repeatability of turbine flow meters.

What are the typical applications of liquid turbine flow meters?

Turbine flow meters are common in the petroleum industry for the following functions: hydrocarbon applications, custody transfer, check metering, blending, and batching. Flow meters are also common in machinery responsible for crude oil production, storage and inventory control, as well as product off-loading and loading.

Other industrial applications of turbine flow meters

Aside from the broad application of turbine flow meters in the petroleum industry, there are other industrial applications of these flow meters which include the following:

These are only a few of the general applications of turbine flow meters. Depending on the design of each device, there are still a variety of uses for turbine flow meters. Turbine flow meters can be calibrated to suit the different requirements of specific applications and manufacturers can customise and change specifications to meet these requirements.

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