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United States announces establishment of Agency in charge of UFO’s

The United States has just set up an agency whose mission will be to investigate abnormal phenomena detected by the army or government agencies. The organization is called All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Its creation was announced by the US Department of Defense on Wednesday, Slate said.


This office replaces the Airborne object identification and management group. Its attributions are however more extensive since it does not only deal with unidentified flying objects. The AARO will be responsible for investigating all unidentified “space, flying, submersible and hybrid” objects, the ministry said in a statement.

Monitor the movements of other countries

The Director of National Intelligence had estimated in a June 2021 report that the means allocated to the study of some 100 unexplained phenomena were insufficient. They didn’t get enough answers.

The AARO will focus on military testimony regarding suspicious activity. The agency will thus scrutinize the actions of China or Russia, for example, more than possible visits from the confines of space.

Mysterious aquatic objects


To do this, the AARO will “detect, identify and explain objects of interest within or near military installations, operating and training areas, special purpose airspace and other areas of interest and, if necessary, limit any risk to the safety of operations and national security”, explains the Department of Defense.


The integration of aquatic objects into the program was a necessity. Last year, footage filmed by US Navy pilots off California showed an unidentified object hovering over the water before diving into it.



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