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Washing Clothes With Vodka: A Tip For More Cleanliness

For anyone who thinks you already know all the home remedies for washing clothes: the ultimate washing machine trick with vodka. Vodka laundry to solve two problems at once.


There are all sorts of laundry hacks and home remedies out there – most of them from our grandmothers’ days. But you have certainly never heard of the following trick: how about washing your clothes with vodka? This alcoholic drink indeed has a lot to offer, both for your laundry and for your washing machine.

Do your laundry with vodka

Vodka for laundry is not only for people who like to experiment. It can even help solve problems such as stubborn stains and musty-smelling laundry.


When the washed laundry smells bad

It is not uncommon for laundry, although clean, to smell bad when it comes out of the washing machine. Indeed, the hot and humid environment of the washing machine is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It is therefore important to clean your washing machine regularly and to operate it at higher temperatures (60 or 90°C). But you might as well put vodka in your washing machine. You will soon find out why.


Why put vodka in the washing machine?

Thanks to its high alcohol content, vodka has several positive properties when you put it in the washing machine. It acts as a disinfectant and kills germs and bacteria. This also eliminates unpleasant odors. It removes stains.


Here’s how the washing machine trick with vodka works

During the next wash, simply add 1/3 cup of vodka to the laundry in the compartment. You can then either let your wash program run as usual or press the stop button as soon as the drum is full of water and let the vodka sit for half an hour.

If you use fabric softener often, sometimes you can put the vodka alone in the fabric softener compartment to clean it. As you can see: even unusual home remedies can yield convincing results.


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