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What are the Qualities needed to be a Successful Sports Coach?

Coaches play a large role in the success or failure of the athletes they train and the teams they run. However, not all coaches possess the traits needed for them to succeed in their field and many end up with dissatisfied players and underperforming teams. If you were thinking of becoming a coach, then you might be wondering what these traits are. In this article, we're going to give you some of the traits needed to be a successful coach.

Sports Knowledge

While this might seem obvious, not all coaches know the ins and outs of the sport they coach. The better you understand the game, the more your players will respect your advice and follow your command. Even for coaches that are well-versed in their area, it's important to keep up with the game as rules and techniques will change over time. You should consider reading trade publications, attending clinics, and studying games in order to keep up with the sport.

Excellent Communicator

Both motivating and communicating athletes is an essential trait for any coach. In addition to being able to teach techniques and plays properly, players often depend on their coach when they need a little extra help or emotional support. As a coach, you must help your players improve their playing ability and reach their potential as athletes. Coaches also have to communicate with family members, fans, and the press in some cases.

Although not everyone is born with great communication skills, this and other essential coaching skills can often be learned through a good education program, like Ohio University's masters in coaching education, for instance. Ohio University has a long history of producing great coaches and the Ohio University online program provides a flexible and effective learning environment for aspiring coaches.

Skill Development

Coaches need to know how to build the skills of their players over time. One of the key methods to improve player skills is to use drill repetition and progression. A coach will often start the season with fairly simple exercises and then work up to harder ones. Repeating drills on a regular basis provides players with good habits that they'll be able to use in games instinctively.

Good Practice Quality

Players practice on a daily basis in most cases and getting the most from every practice is something every coach should be able to do. A quality session provides players with the chance to hone or develop their skills, without it feeling like punishment.

Good practices are also efficient and avoid wasting time on areas that don't matter. Good coaches focus on areas of improvement and make changes to each session in order to keep building skills with their players.


Not everyone has what it takes to be an athletic coach. Keep in mind though that many people can learn and develop the skills needed to succeed in this area. If you're just getting started or want to work in this area, developing these traits will help you with your coaching career.

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