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WhatsApp New Feature Update: Now users can transfer files up to 2GB

Now the hassle of sharing large files on WhatsApp is going to ease. After the new feature comes, users will be able to share 2GB of files at once on the app. This feature has recently been seen in the beta version. Recently, many new features have been added to this instant messaging app of Meta, including the message reaction feature. After increasing the limit of file transfer, the user is going to enjoy using the app even more.

According to a report , WhatsApp beta users can currently transfer files up to 2GB. This feature will be compatible on Android versions, and Not only this, this feature is currently limited to US beta users only. Globally, this feature will be brought to beta users first. After this its stable version can be rolled out.

Apps like Telegram will be challenged
This feature of WhatsApp can be rolled out for iOS users along with Android. For iOS users, at present, the limit for sending files at a time on WhatsApp is only 100MB. With the increase in the limit, users can use WhatsApp instead of transferring files from popular e-mail service or apps like Telegram.

File sending limit in Gmail is 25MB
The limit for sending files at a time on Gmail is 25MB. At the same time, up to 1GB of file can be shared on the microblogging platform Twitter. These days many smartphone makers are making high-resolution cameras, due to which the size of photos and videos becomes large. After increasing the limit for sending files on WhatsApp, users will be able to share photos and videos through the instant messaging app.

After the roll out of this feature, the user base of WhatsApp will increase even more. However, it is not yet clear when the company is going to roll out this feature.

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