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 WhatsApp: Now listen to the Audios without entering the chat

WhatsApp: listen to the audios without entering the chat, you can find them in your phone files without having to see the conversation. Surely someone has sent you a voice clip on WhatsApp and you want to listen to it, but you don’t want to enter to see the conversation to avoid leaving the other person’s message on \”Read\”. Here are simple tricks for you to be able to hear the audio without opening the chat. WhatsApp is one of the most used applications worldwide. Millions of people interact with each other through this platform every day. Therefore, new tools are emerging every time to offer Internet users a better and more comfortable experience. Follow these steps.

The platform allows you to download audio and images without having to open the conversations, so you can access them from your phone files do?

1. Download the latest app update.

2. Enter WhatsApp and go to the option of the three dots that appear above.

3. From there, select “Settings”.

4. Then click where it says \”Data Storage\”.

5. Next, where the title \”Automatic download\” appears, select the option \”Download with mobile data\”.

6. Check the \”Audio\” box.

7. After that, click Download over Wi-Fi and make a similar selection in the Audio option.

In order to listen to the voice clip, you must go to the “Files\=” application of your mobile phone and select the folder where all the WhatsApp documents are saved. A subfolder named “WhatsApp Audio” or “WhatsApp Voice Notes” will appear. Click on this option and search for the voice memo by the date and time it was sent. And that’s it, you can listen to them without April chat.

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