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WhatsApp Secret Feature: Permanently Hide Chats 

You might not know about it, but you can permanently hide chats on WhatsApp. A secret feature  makes it possible. Today we will tell you about this feature.

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat: If you must have used WhatsApp, then many times you must have felt that there was such a setting (WhatsApp Setting) by which we can hide a chat permanently. So that even if the message suddenly arrives, that message and other messages of that contact cannot be seen by anyone, but there is no option. If you are really looking for such features, then definitely read this news. Here we will tell you the way by which you can permanently hide any of your chats.


Here Is The Trick

If you have noticed, then in WhatsApp you get the option of an archived folder. In this you can hide any message. This folder keeps messages most hidden. Until recently, it had a drawback. The drawback was that if the contact kept in the archive folder sent a message, then the full notification used to appear on the main page, but it is being claimed that now this limitation has been fixed with new updates  


Apply this setting like this


Under this new feature, you can hide both personal and group messages on your WhatsApp. When you want to see it, you can see it by going to the Archive Folder or you can delete it from Hide. You can hide the message by following the steps mentioned below.


First of all, open WhatsApp. Now select the chat that you want to archive. After selecting, the options of Pin, Mute and Archive will come in front of you. If you look properly, you will see an arrow mark at the bottom of the archive. You have to click on it. Whenever you want to see this hidden message, click on your chat feed. Here you will see the archived section. By clicking on it, you will see all the hidden messages. If you want to take the hidden message back to the old format, then you have to select that chat. After that you click on the Unarchive option.


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