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WhatsApp’s New Feature makes it easier to Call to Numbers you don’t have in your Contacts

WhatsApp’s new menu makes it easier to talk to numbers you don’t have in your contacts


WhatsApp beta is activating a new menu that appears when you tap on a phone number and that indicates whether or not the number has WhatsApp. If so, you can start a chat with that number with one touch, without having to add it to contacts first. WhatsApp highlights the phone numbers that are sent to a chat, but until now when you tapped on them the app would ignore it: the mobile’s default dialer app would open instead. That changes from version beta of WhatsApp.


Chat with “strangers” with one touch

Is there any WhatsApp account registered for a certain phone number? This is something that you could check in various ways: adding the number to your contacts or using a special web address to talk to people you don’t have saved in your phonebook and even with apps. None of this will be necessary very soon, as the app is integrating it into its own chat.


As of WhatsApp version beta, tapping on a phone number that is sent to a chat brings up a menu of options related to that phone. In previous versions of WhatsApp, the phone numbers in the chats were already “clickable”, but what happened is that the mobile phone dialer was opened.



The menu is different if the phone number has WhatsApp (left) or not (right)

This menu is quite interesting because it gives us the information on whether or not the phone number is on WhatsApp, in addition to several related options, depending on the case. These are the available options:


  • Chat with: which opens a chat with that number, without having to add it to the contacts.
  • Dial: Open the mobile phone app to make a call.
  • Add to contacts: add the phone number to the mobile contacts.


It is a small change that will be very useful for some cases in which you simply need to send a specific message to someone that you do not have on WhatsApp, without resorting to any of the “inventions” already available. It should reach everyone in the  


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