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Whatsapp’s New Feature Update: Users Will Be Able To Avoid OTP Fraud

A few months ago, a case of OTP scam came to light on WhatsApp, in which hackers were hacking WhatsApp account and carrying out incidents like banking fraud. However, to avoid this, a new flash call update is being given by WhatsApp, which will help to keep your WhatsApp account safe from hackers. Now your phone number will be verified automatically with the help of Flash Call. Whereas before this 6 digit OTP was required.


WhatsApp account will be verified automatically

According to the report of WABeta, now with the help of the new feature of WhatsApp, Flash Call, your phone number will now be verified automatically. Meaning now users will not need 6 digit OTP for account verification. After the arrival of the new WhatsApp flash call, the account will be verified with the help of flash call instead of OTP when the users log-in their account.



For flash calls, users will have to give permission to the app to log-in to the phone. After this, the account will be automatically logged in on the arrival of flash call for WhatsApp verification on the phone. This feature of WhatsApp has been spotted on Android beta

version However, the flash call feature of WhatsApp verification will be optional.#


Hackers make calls as WhatsApp agents

In WhatsApp OTP scam, hackers call you by becoming a WhatsApp agent. After this it is said to send OTP to your WhatsApp account, then talk about sharing this OTP. As soon as you share the OTP, hackers will lock your WhatsApp account. And your WhatsApp account is completely controlled by the hackers. Then hackers can carry out many types of scams including banking with you. Apart from this, hackers can also demand money from you.

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