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When is the Best Time to Schedule Your Home Maintenance Projects?

It seems like there is always something to do around the house, whether it’s a home improvement project, your lawn that needs mowing, windows that need washing or gutters that need cleaning. Whatever the project is, it’s a never ending list of things are needed done in and around your home. Sure, some are more urgent than others, but they all need to get done at one point nonetheless and it’s important to make time every year to check these off your list of to-do’s. And further, with all this work piling up, it can become daunting when tasked with scheduling recurring maintenance checks to ensure you are keeping your home in its best condition for your future.

So when is a good time to schedule all of these maintenance jobs for your house? The short answer is- it depends! And I know this is probably not the answer you want to hear since it overcomplicates things but the truth of the matter is- there is no one size fits all with home care jobs because the nature of each job varies so vastly.

Take a gutter cleaning for example—these are crucial to ensuring your gutter systems are performing the job they were installed to do which is to transport all water collected from your rooftop and sidings away from the base of your home. With dirty gutters that are filled to the brim with debris such as leaves and twigs, the gutters can no longer effectively channel the water through its systems and you risk having backwash of rainwater overflowing from your gutters and flooding the foundations and structure of your home. It’s best to have gutter cleaners come by at least once annually in Autumn or late Winter after all the trees have shed their leaves to clean out your gutter systems. This ensures that you are going into the winter and spring months with clean gutters and any snow or rainfall will be met with clean and properly functioning gutter systems.

Alternatively, if you were looking to get your windows and roof cleaned from moss, rust and whatever else has collected on it over the last few months, the best time to schedule this cleaning is in the Spring! You’ve heard the old saying “spring cleaning” and this could not be more true. With pollen and dust piling up on cars, windows and every outdoor surface during these months, it’s crucial to have your windows professionally cleaned on the outside at least once a year. This helps to prevent a build up and can restore the quality of your windows to extend their lifetime. Professional window washers use special equipment and 100% pure water to wash your glass surfaces so that you get the nice, streak-free look that we all love.

Other non-essential maintenance jobs such as lawn care, driveway cleanings, garage floor coatings, etc. can be done on a need basis and don’t have specific times that are recommended to schedule a maintenance check. You should evaluate the needs of your own home and see what are the most important things that are needed to preserve the quality of your property for years to come and see when the best time to schedule these jobs are as we have seen above; the times can differ.

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