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Where is the “Secret Camera” of WhatsApp and How to Enjoy it

WhatsApp has more than 5 billion users worldwide and most of them do not know that a “hidden camera” exists. Find out how to get it and enjoy it. This trick will help simplify a lot of steps to use the WhatsApp camera  


WhatsApp tricks are diverse and not all users know that within the instant messaging application there are endless options to enjoy and make conversations more entertaining. One of these is the “hidden camera” of the application. Do you want to know where it is and how to use it? Take note.


It is important to clarify that the “secret camera” of WhatsApp can only be activated on a mobile device with the Android operating system, on iPhone terminals it does not work; Also, unlike other cheats, you won’t have to download any external programs or software for this one. Knowing this, follow the steps that we show you in this note.



How to activate the ‘secret camera’ of WhatsApp

First, go to the Google Play Store and make sure WhatsApp has no pending updates.

Now, go to the main screen of your cell phone and press for a few seconds on an empty space. Wait for the pages that the team has to appear and at the bottom you will see different options. Choose the one that says “Widgets”. These are all the widgets that you have available on your smartphone, search and press the camera icon with the WhatsApp logo. Finally, Android will ask if you want to activate the “Hidden Camera” of the application, tap on the “Add” button.



Done, the shortcut you just created is very useful when you want to quickly post a WhatsApp status or want to send a photo or video to someone, because you no longer have to enter the app, touch the “Status” tab, press the icon of the camera and finally capture the moment you want. The Android widget helps simplify these tedious steps into one.


Do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, then you should write to their contact email: or You can also make the same request from your iPhone through the exclusive service for iOS.


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