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Why Your Phone Is Your Best Friend if You are Studying Music Online

Online degrees have made it easier than ever to gain the qualifications to get the career you want. With so many great bachelor and master level study programs available from leading colleges like Rutgers University, there is no longer the need to relocate, commute or spend huge amounts of money on getting the degree you want – plus you can study in your own time, learn in a way that suits you, and even travel while you’re working towards that all-important qualification.

Studying Music Online

If your dream is to work in music, whether in the entertainment industry, as a performer, or as a music teacher, there are online degrees to suit you, and these include the online masters in music education from Rutgers. Doing this kind of degree means a lot of time studying theory on your computer or mobile device, but because music is something we tend to carry around with us all the time, there is a lot you can do with just your phone when you are out and about.

Listening and Thinking

Music is one of the few things where you can do a lot of work on appreciation and understanding of different techniques simply by listening. This allows you to spend time mentally working on your course even when you can’t look at a screen. You may be out for a walk or a run, cycling, driving, or working out at the gym, and you can still be playing the music you are studying and listening for new insights into it. The MP3 player on your phone will quickly become your most frequently used feature as you begin to listen to music at every possible moment, and you can of course conveniently sort your tracks into playlists relevant to different modules of your course.

Working on Your Phone

When you actually can look at your screen, for instance while on a bus or train, or just waiting somewhere, you can combine listening to your course related music with reading your materials and noting down ideas that you have for your papers. With apps, you can also keep track of your study time, schedule in your exams, and communicate with your online tutor. In fact, you can pretty much do everything you need to do to complete your course just from your iPhone!

With cloud back-ups, you also won’t have to worry about losing your work or your media library if anything happens to your phone or you replace it while you are doing your course. Naturally, though, you will want the best in protection for it given just how useful a tool it is for any music student!

Are you using your phone as much as you could be to help you in your online degree course progress? If not, look into some productivity apps for students, make up some organized playlists, and start getting more of the benefits your phone has to offer!

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