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Will the Samsung Galaxy S23 have satellite communication?

One of the most talked about features in recent weeks, satellite connectivity in smartphones, was brought by Apple in the new iPhone 14. Even though in reality, technically, the first brand to present a smartphone with satellite connectivity was Huawei, with its Mate 50.

According to some new rumors, Samsung may join the list of manufacturers to add such functionality to their devices. And for those who don’t know, satellite connectivity is a function mainly dedicated to emergencies, designed to allow the user to communicate even in areas where there is no coverage with the mobile network, since in case of need, the user can thanks to this function, make calls or send SMS to ask for help.

The information came once again from leakster Ricciolo, who as always used his Twitter account to reveal the information that Samsung would be ready to implement this technology on its devices as well.

In practice, the leakster did not reveal any information, any fan in this sector probably did not take it for granted, but what we cannot take for granted is how the Korean giant will do it.

Will the next Galaxy S23 arrive with satellite communication?

Apple and Huawei have added satellite connectivity to their devices thanks to a special hardware component, but it seems that it is also possible to activate it on the software side: in fact, recently T-Mobile and SpaceX announced a new initiative capable of offer satellite connection also to devices already on the market. Could Samsung soon decide to equip its existing devices on the market with this function? It’s hard to say, but it certainly can’t be ruled out.

In short, even if it is not one of the first features that the user thinks about, when evaluating the purchase of a smartphone, it is something very useful; perhaps in case of need,  it might help .



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