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Windows 11 now has a new HDR calibrator

Windows 11 22H2 arrived a few days ago and although it brings many interesting things to gamers, there is something that many gamers have been asking for a long time, a new Windows HDR Calibration application.

It is important to note that this is not directly associated with the Windows 11 2022 update, as despite having arrived with it, you can also use it in the original version of the operating system.

Microsoft first announced this app in February, claiming it was bringing Xbox’s HDR game calibration functionality to Windows.

The Windows application offers three main test patterns. This includes standards for determining the darkest visible detail, brightest visible detail, and maximum screen brightness. These are based on recommendations from the HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGIG). In addition, Microsoft has added another feature that gives you full control over color saturation.

Additionally, Microsoft says that calibrating your screen will ensure you get the best viewing experience for HDR content and help you avoid clipping effects.

There are two ways to start Windows HDR Calibration. One is to download the app through Microsoft Store (here) and the other is to launch it from Settings > System > Display > Use HDR > Display Calibration. However, the latter is only supported by Windows Insiders users.

After opening Windows HDR Calibration, follow these instructions:

  • If you have multiple monitors, make sure the application window is visible on the compatible monitor you want to calibrate.
  • Use the app in the same lighting conditions as you normally use your screen.
  • While calibrating yourscreen using the three test patterns, drag each slider until the pattern is no longer visible.
  • When customizing the color saturation of SDR and HDR content, drag the slider to adjust the saturation from less saturated (default, left) to more saturated (right).
  • This change can be very subtle, depending on the display characteristics.

If you’re having trouble with calibration, make sure you have an HDR display that meets the minimum requirements mentioned here. It is also important to know that the application does not work on Windows 10 and the color saturation adjustment is also not supported on all graphics cards.



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