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World’s First Space Hotel to be Built by 2027

In the coming 5 years, the Space Hotel will be ready in space. This project is being prepared by the Gateway Foundation. Opening in 2027, this hotel will get to do a variety of activities in low-gravity. 

Everyone has the desire to travel. Everyone loves to visit new places. During this time people want to get a good and comfortable hotel. If you come to know that now the desire to stay in the hotel is going to be fulfilled even in space, then you will not believe it. This is going to happen soon. In the coming 5 years, the first Space Hotel will be ready to welcome guests. The hotel maker has announced this.


Hotel will be Roaming

According to the report of ‘Mirror’, there are plans to make it in luxury cruise ship style. Which will keep moving in space, which will help in controlling gravity. This hotel will be built above the Earth’s atmosphere. Where guests will get to do many activities in low gravity, which is not possible on Earth.


Gravity will be controlled

Its structure will be made up of 24 modules, which will be linked together through lift shafts. The entire station will be like a wheel, which will rotate to control gravity. It is being built by Orbital Assembly Corporation. Which is part of the Gateway Foundation’s project. The project was started in 2019, then it was named ‘Von Braun Station’. However, this futuristic hotel has been named ‘Voyager Station’.


You will also get a feel of the earth

Tim Alatore, Senior Design Architect at the Gateway Foundation, told CNN that the station is about to turn around. The company is hoping to bring the feel of Earth to space. A variety of entertainment activities and games will be organized for the guests here. This will give them a unique feeling, which cannot be done on earth.

There will be many types of activities

Due to being light in low gravity, guests will be able to jump higher in the hotel. Can lift heavy things easily. Here the race can be done in a way that cannot be done on earth. John Blinko, a former pilot of the company, says that now is an important time for space travel. We are trying to make the public realize that the golden period of space travel is near.

However, it is not yet clear how much it will cost people to stay in a hotel there, but it certainly won’t be cheap. The Gateway Foundation said that they want to make this hotel like a ‘Journey to Disneyland’. 


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