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Alight Motion - What Is It? Alight Motion is a unique new way to move around your city. Get ready to experience the benefits of this incredible invention! Alight Motion is an innovative new way to move around cities that uses light beams instead of wheels. It allows people to travel quickly and safely in any direction without having to worry about traffic or getting stuck in a gridlock. What Is It? Alight Motion is the world's first motion powered by light. Using a combination of lasers and sensors, Alight Motion creates a network of moving lights that allow users to navigate through urban environments with ease. Ways To Make Your Website More Interactive With Alight Motion Alight Motion is a free tool that allows you to create interactive content on your website. Learn how it works today! Alight Motion is a web application that lets you create interactive content for your site. ItÂ’s easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. Create an interactive map with Alight.

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