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Online Reward Program

Design an Incentive Program that Drives Different Demographics Do you know the demographic profile of your reward program participants? Incentive Solutions CEO, Steve Damerow, explains how to grow your incentive program by tailoring it to your parti

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Consolidate Vendor Funding for a Better Online Reward Progra

As a building materials distributor, you play a crucial role in your building supply chain. Your vendors or manufacturers count on you to get their products out to contractors and consumers. As part of this sales channel, you might be participating i

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Why Are Non Cash Rewards Better Than Cash?

When you’re maxed out as far as number of sales reps and field experience goes, what else can you do to increase sales and drive market share? Increase each of your sales rep’s productivity, individually. Incentive programs can help you maximize ea

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Six Sales Strategies to Use When You Can’t Afford

Six Sales Strategies to Use When You Can’t Afford a Total Overhaul.

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