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Hashtag Stud Fluid Beard Wash

Introducing the Hashtag Stud solution for healthy, strong, and well-groomed facial hair. Our Hashtag Stud #Fluid Beard Wash comes with Neem Extract, Geranium Oil, Tea Tree Oil Basil Oil and Rosemary Oil in order to tackle itching and minimize dandruff while replenishing your beards natural oil production. It also leaves a crisp citrus fragrance that will make you go from man to within minutes. Hashtag Stud’s silky formula conditions your beard with pure Neem extract, Rosemary oil and Basil oil. We use antioxidant rich Geranium Oil to rejuvenate your skin and add a dash of Tea Tree Oil. You'll feel manly but not stinky thanks to our unique scent blend of essential oils. Our Hashtag Stud #Fluid Beard Wash will have you feeling hydrated and refreshed while looking great.

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