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Mom And Pop Shop Marketing

Hello, my name is Fozzy. A Website Developer & IT Engineer helping make the Community a Better Place. Are you a small business? A "Mom and Pop shop"? Looking to recapture the local market away from the Big Box conglomerates?? Hello, I go by the name of "Fozzy", just a small town patriot that cares about the people and NOT the "Status Quo"! I am a small fry myself however my background isn't from the realm of a small fry guy. I love my country and more so, I love "We The People!" and that is where my focus lays. You see, technology was always my world and I was always knee deep in the trenches of Technology, Big Corporatism and the non-sensible "culture". The activities we've all seen in recent years has woken many people up, including myself, and now I completely changed my Life, Passion and Focus! Let's go back a little to move forward!

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