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Nick Broadhurst
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My Canberra Building Inspections ACT
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Promt Building Inspections

Prompt Building Inspections is available to all who want to get their buildings inspected, be it domestic or light commercial. We do all inspections in the Perth area. We can arrange termite and other inspections.

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My Canberra Building Inspections ACT

At My Canberra Building Inspections ACT we do all needed inspections of your home so that you can list it for sale and then sell it in Canberra, Australia. The Pre-Purchase Building Inspection package includes the Building Inspection, the Termite and

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Sequetus Series and Captain Kuro From Mars Sci Fi Books

The Sequetus Series is a series of 23 science fiction books that are written by Australian author, Nick Broadhurst. The books span from 1989, until a thousand years into the future. In addition to the books are a twelve-set series of children's picture

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Sequetus Series Science Fiction Books

The Sequetus Series is a twenty-three book science fiction series written by Nick Broadhurst, Australian author. The story starts in 1989 when the first book was written. It spans onward for a thousand years. This site is the full set of books, with

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Behind the Sequetus Series

The Sequetus Series is a twenty-three book sci fi epic spanning a thousand years. While the books took some decades to write there were many people who helped on the project. This included those who worked on illustrations, particularly in the Captain Kur

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Behind the Author of the Sequetus Series

The Sequetus Series, and the Captain Kuro From Mars sub series, and the other follow on works were all written by Nick Broadhurst. This site is written a bit about who he is and what is his background. That background then enables a person to get an insig

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