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Passport 2 Amsterdam
Passport 2 Amsterdam
Studio 5, Portland Road Studios
51 Portland Road
Kingston Upon Thames
United Kingdom

Passport 2 Amsterdam
Flag of United Kingdom
+44 207 164 6478

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Passport 2 Amsterdam

Passport 2 Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam with confidence. I am not a nomadic traveller. I do not live out of a backpack and pay for my trips around the world through writing about them – oh the dream. I am instead lucky enough to have a wonderful family life and a home in the UK. So when I travel, what I really enjoy is visiting cities on short breaks and experiencing the very best the city has to offer in a relatively short period of time. This means I know what it is like to try and cram in too many things in one day. To regret not finding time for attraction B because I spent too much time at attraction A. Or wondering why I never had time to just sit and watch the world pass by. I created this site to help you make the best use of the time you have in this wonderful city. To help you plan (just a little) so that you too can relax and take time out to smell the tulips.

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