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Peter Metz
Flag of Germany +4961393310500

Peters Windsurfing Shop
Gonsenheimer Str. 52
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Peters Windsurfing Shop

Peters Windsurfing Shop is an Online Shop for high quality windsurfing material. It´s a premium shop and pro dealer for EZZY sails, Al360 windsurfing tools and loftsails. The members are very professional with there knowledge about windsurfing. They have not only windsurfing, also Wing Surfing and Wind Foiling. For all that sports they have the complete material what is needed. Shipping for small parts is possible world wide, for bigger parts is possible for complete europe. You can contact us via our homepage or e-mail in english and german language. We have relaunched our shop in the year 2021 completly new with y new design and many new fatures. We have also add some new brands like FMX Racing Boards, Grabnutz, NoerStick, XO Sails, Exocet and some more brand. We are also known for our fin adapter tuttle Box > deep tuttle box. It is a own construction and we produce it self in Germany with 3D printing procedure with a high quality materiial.

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