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  • Stapled Peptide Synthesis

    Stapled peptide is a full-carbon scaffold with an ?-helical structure. The all-carbon scaffold stabilizes the ?-helical structure, enhances the interaction between the peptide molecule and the protein, and the peptide can pass through the cell membra

  • Glycoengineering

    With our versatile GlycoOpitimize™ platform, Creative Biolabs provide antibody glycoengineering service for our clients all over the world. We are able to produce glyco-optimized antibodies in a range of cell lines both for research quantities.

  • Amylins peptide

    Amylins (IAPP) and Fragments Cat. # Product Name CAD-108 Biotinyl-Amylin (human) CAD-109 5-FAM-Amylin (human) A12016 Amylin, rat A12014 Amylin, human, free acid. More at info@creative-peptide

  • Checkpoint Inhibitors

    Checkpoint Inhibitors Cat. # Product Name CR00002 HIV-1 gag Protein p17 (76-84) CR00001 CBP501 Affinity Peptide. More at

  • Analytical Life Science Research Systems and Solutions

    Analytical and bioanalytical systems, instruments, software and reagents for drug discovery and life science research labs. Molecular, cellular and systems science for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, bioresearch, cancer research and more.

  • Histology & IHC Protocols

    Immunohistochemistry and histology related methods, techniques, protocols, books, and discussion for

  • GeneTex Antibodies

    GeneTex is proud to offer the highest quality antibody reagents supported by extensive research, development, and validation.

  • PCR

    Information about PCR the polymerase chain reaction. Includes news, protocols and a forum on pcr.


    GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training provider of regulatory trainings, quality trainings, compliance trainings, Medical device regulatory compliance training, pharmaceutical regulatory compliance trainings & food safety compliance trainings.

  • Rotary Evaporator

    Capitol Scientific has been a leading distributor of reagent chemicals, electronic chemicals and lab equipment for over 45 years.

  • Baculovirus

    Baculoviruses are arthropod-specific viruses containing large double-stranded circular DNA genomes of 80,000–180,000?bp. In recent years, they have been utilized for producing complex eukaryotic proteins in insect cell cultures.

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  • Fruit Cultivation and Production

    Cultivation of fruits. Covers all aspects of fruit cultivation and production.

  • Peptides

    Find peptide synthesis services and peptide research information. Also learn about peptide biology.

  • Vegetable Cultivation and Production

    Cultivation of vegetables. Covers all aspects of vegetable cultivation and production.

  • BearPlanet: Polar, Grizzly, Big and Pandas

    Polar Bear on BearPlanet along with Grizzly, Big Bear, Panda, Black, Kodiak Brown. BearPlanet covers

  • Microscope World Inverted Microscopes

    Microscope World offers different microscopes including industrial microscopes, professional biological microscopes, educational microscopes and children's microscopes that include a free DVD and slide kit.

  • Our science and curriculum

    LAB-AIDS provides a complete range of Chemistry products to motivate and engage your students. From A Natural Approach to Chemistry,

  • BioScience

    BioScience Web Site's mission is to organize the world's biological science information and make it universally accessible and useful by utilizing the skyrocketing success of the World Wide Web.

  • Park Systems Atomic Force Microscopes

    Park Systems designs, manufactures and sells Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and scanning probe microscopes (SPM).

  • Dinosaur Jungle

    including pictures, facts, activities and more

  • VADLO - Molecular Biology Search Engine

    Vadlo is a search engine for molecular medicine and biology researchers.

  • Sea Life | Deep Sea | Seahorses | Sea Animals

    Portraying interesting facts about seahorses, deep sea fishes, marine plants, micro-organisms, marine products is the major objective of the site.

  • Fast, reliable & affordable DNA Paternity Testing

    syDNA provides you with accurate, affordable DNA testing that is reliable and confidential with the reassurance that our tests are performed by an internationally accredited laboratory.

  • Home School Microscopes

    Home School Microscopes is the best choice for quality educational microscopes for the home school student.

  • TOKU-E Company

    TOKU-E is a leading supplier of high-purity antibiotics for both pharmaceuticals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and for biotechnology applications as selective antimicrobial reagents.

  • Carnivorous Plants

    Best Carnivorous Plants Store - The ultimate offer of seeds, plants, hibernacula and turions of carnivorous plants for sale at a good rate in the plant .

  • Plant Biology

    Aimed at university level plant biologists; this site aims to be the one stop site for all your bota

  • Biosynthesis Peptide DNA Synthesis Peptide to Drug

    BIO-SYNTHESIS, INC., is a leading life science products company with over 20 years of experience in

  • Custom peptide synthesis service

    Gallus Immunotech offers a complete custom peptide synthesis service either on its own or in combination with anti-peptide IgY production or affinity-purified anti-peptide production.

  • in vivo animal testing

    Taking advantage of the CellRapeutics™ platform, Creative Biolabs provides customized, standardized, reliable and high-quality CAR-T preclinical in vivo assay services for clients across the world.

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